Greg Jennings Update

He’s officially been listed as doubtful, which means that he has less than a 5% chance of playing tomorrow against the Bears. Roll with someone else, even if he is a lesser WR, as it looks like they’re doing the right thing and sitting him. He should be good for Week 3. In case you missed it, here’s what I said about Jennings’ prognosis and his injury (

Update (9/13/12): Just saw a story on TV previewing the Packers/Bears game tonight. Just based on the weather (snow/rain/wind), I’d be hard pressed to endorse using Jennings tonight, as muscle injuries can be much more difficult to loosen up the colder the weather gets. I just think he has everything working against him: groin injury, weather, short week. I’m not saying its a guarantee he doesn’t play, I’m just saying I wouldn’t have him in my lineup either way.

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